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Lightning Index

Introduction to Lightning Experience

Enabling and Disabling of Lightning Experience for your organization

  • Lightning Component Framework

  • Introduction to aura framework

Migrating from Classic to Lightning Experience

Domain Management

  • What is Domain Management?

  • Creating Custom Domain for the organization

  • Configuring Custom Domain

Debugging in Lightning Experience

  • Debugging in Lightning Experience

Lightning Resource

Lightning Component Bundle

Tabs and App Launcher

  • .Creation of Lightning Resource using Console

  •  Lightning Application

  • .Lightning Component

  •  Lightning Interface

  •  Lightning Event

  •   Steps for creating Lightning Component

  •   Lightning Component Bundle

  •   Lightning Application Bundle

  •  Adding of lightning components to custom tab (lightning tab)

  •  Adding of lightning page to custom tab (lightning page tab)

  •  Adding of lightning components to app launcher


  •  What is Event?

  •  Application Events

  •  Component Events