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Lightning Index

Introduction to Lightning Experience

Enabling and Disabling of Lightning Experience for your organization

1. Lightning Component Framework

2. Introduction to aura framework

Migrating from Classic to Lightning Experience

Domain Management

  • What is Domain Management?

  • Creating Custom Domain for the organization

  • Configuring Custom Domain

Debugging in Lightning Experience

  • Debugging in Lightning Experience

Lightning Resource

Lightning Component Bundle

Tabs and App Launcher

  • .Creation of Lightning Resource using Console

  •  Lightning Application

  • .Lightning Component

  •  Lightning Interface

  •  Lightning Event

  •   Steps for creating Lightning Component

  •   Lightning Component Bundle

  •   Lightning Application Bundle

  •  Adding of lightning components to custom tab (lightning tab)

  •  Adding of lightning page to custom tab (lightning page tab)

  •  Adding of lightning components to app launcher


  •  What is Event?

  •  Application Events

  •  Component Events

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