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Course Duration: One month- Total of 25 hours (Weekly 5 classes of one hour)


Course content

Objectives of Training

Outcome of Training

  • Provide minds-on and hands-on training

  • Understand JavaScript and its applications

  • Learn concepts of web programming using HTML,CSS and Java Script

  • Enhance logical thinking and reasoning

  • Learn the concept of physics such as force,friction,velocity,gravitation and animation

  • Learn the concept of geometry

  • Design and build five games

  • Trainees should be able to independently develop a sample webpage

  • Trainees should be able to apply the concepts of physics and geometry to build games

  • Apply the concept of programming to build a game

Modules 1 – Basics of Web Application Development

  • Introduction to web design and application development

  • Installation of Sublime text

  • Basics of HTML programming

  1. HTML Elements

  2. HTML Forms

  • Basics of CSS programming

  1. Style attributes – Color,Font,Image,etc

  2. Internal, Inline and external styling

  3. Introduction to responsive web design

  • Basics of Java script programming

  1. Building blocks – variables,operators,conditional statements, loops,functions

  • Sample programs and assignment

Module 2 –p5.js

  • Introduction to p5.js

  • What,Why and How of p5.js

  • Build sample geometry using p5.js

  • Concept of animation

  • Build a sample ping-pong game

  • Build a snake game

  • Build a angry bird game

Module 3 – Build game using

  • Introduction to

  • Block,loop and conditional statements

  • Coding using multimedia (sound,video and images)

  • Build a surprise game 4 from scratch

  • Build a surprise game 5 from scratch

 Class 20

 Class 21

 Class 22

Scrum Release Planning

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