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Class 1

Core Java Syllabus

Introduction and the Java Environment

Features of Java Language, JVM, Java’s Bytecode. Installing Java, Java Program Development, Java Source File Structure, Compilation, Executions.

Basic Language Elements

Lexical Tokens, Identifiers, Keywords, Literals, Comments, Primitive Datatypes, Operators Assignments.

Control Flow Statements 

Statements, Conditional (if) Statements, Data types and Variables, else if Condition, Switch Statements, While and do-while Loops, for Loops, the continue Statement, The break Statement.

Class 2

Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Class Fundamentals, Object & Object reference, Object Life time & Garbage Collection, Creating and Operating Objects, Constructor & initialization code block, Access Control, Modifiers, methods Nested, Inner Class & Anonymous Classes, Abstract Class & Interfaces Defining Methods, Argument Passing Mechanism, Method Overloading, Recursion, Dealing with Static Members, Finalize Method, Native Method. Use of “this “reference, Use of Modifiers with Classes & Methods.

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