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Duration: 30-35 hrs

Core/Basics of Python


  • Why only Python?

  • Where it is used in Industry?

  • Organization specific uses

  • Project specific uses

  • IT corporate - Applications of Python


Comparison of other technologies w.r.t Python

  • Why it is used?

  • Advantages

  • Types of Projects/Applications

  • Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

  • Where does python fit in SDLC?

  • Software Development

  • Software Testing

  • Other areas of IT industry

  • Open source software vs. Paid software



  • Python - 2.7.15

  • Python - 3.6

  • What is an IDE? Advantages of IDE over Shell

  • Explanation of Python shell (IDLE - Default editor)

  • Comparison of Python shell vs. IDE

  • Working from Command prompt of Python

  • PyCharm - Community edition

  • PyCharm - Professional edition

Language Fundamentals

  • Variables in Python

  • Operations on python +,-,*,/,%

  • input()

  • raw_input()

  • Difference between input() and raw_input()

  • When to use input() and raw_input() in Python 2.7 and 3.6

  • int()

  • Numbers

  • String handling

  • Operations using string Handling - "".format(), break(), break with if, break with for, continue(), pass()

  • Naming conventions

  • Python Operators and Operands

Conditional Statements

  • Simple if

  • if with else

  • Multiple if statements

  • Nested if

  • Examples of the Conditional statements


  • for loop

  • for loop - Complex examples

  • for loop with if

  • for loop with else

  • Nested for loop

  • Applications of for loop in IT industry

  • while loop

  • while loop with if

  • while loop with else

  • Applications of while loop in IT industry - (else part - if with else)


  • Applications of Strings (upper, lower, capitalize, isupper, islower, isspace...)

  • String formatting

  • String methods

  • Example programs using Strings

  • Slicing with Strings (positive and negative)

Sequence or Collections






  • Applications of Sequences (string)

  • Examples of Sequences

  • Applications of Lists

  • Examples of Lists of various flavours

  • Slicing (positive and negative)

  • Operations on Tuples

  • Applications of Tuples

  • Examples using Tuples

  • Operations on Sets

  • Applications of Sets

  • Examples using Sets

  • Operations on Dictionary

  • Applications of Dictionary

  • Examples using Dictionary

  • All types of Functions

  • Functions without parameters

  • Functions with parameters

  • Functions with Default arguments

  • Functions with Keyword arguments

  • Functions with Positional arguments

Local scope and Global scope in Functions

Advanced Python

  • How to create Global variables

  • How to create Local variables

  • Examples of Local and Global variables using Functions


  • Classes

  • Objects

  • How to create Classes

  • How to create Objects

  • How to create Properties

  • How to create Methods

  • How to work with Methods

  • Difference between Functions and Methods

  • How to use self? What does self keyword indicate?

  • How to create multiple Objects and manipulate the Properties/Methods?

  • How to know the memory location of an Object reference?


  • Importance of self keyword in Python

  • OOPs concepts (Inheritance)

  • Use of default pre-defined Classes

  • Pre-defined Methods

  • Use of user-defined Classes

  • User-defined Methods

  • User-defined Properties


  • Python Modules

  • import keyword

  • Pre-defined Modules:

  • webbrowser

  • sys

  • cmath

  • datetime

  • from *** import ***

User-defined Modules

Packages in Python

File Handling

Advanced Exception Handling

Examples of types of Exceptions

  • Creation of user-defined Modules

  • Operations with each of the Modules

  • Examples with each of the Modules

  • Packages in py

  • Difference between Packages and Modules

  • Examples of how to create files

  • How to open files in various modes

  • How to work with files in real-time

  • Collection of types of Exceptions (Syntax error, Type error, Divide by zero error)

  • How to handle types of Exceptions - try - except - finally

  • Comparison of Exception handling with other technologies (like Java)

Operations using Date and Time


Python OS Module

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