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Advanced Java Syllabus

Class 1

Java Server Technologies Servlet

Web Application Basics, Architecture and challenges of Web Application, Introduction to servlet, Servlet life cycle, developing and Deploying Servlets, Exploring Deployment, Descriptor (web.xml), Handling Request and Response.

Class 2

Web Services 

Web services Defining web services – universal resource identification, XML based technologies, Concepts of Remote Method Invocation. DCOM, web service architecture, advantage of web services, Technologies behind web services – SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI, RESTful Services, Restful support in JAX-WS, Resource Oriented Architecture.

Class 3


Introduction, Spring Core, Dependency Injection, Aspect Oriented Programming Major concepts in Spring, Spring Architecture, Spring web MVC, Installation Procedure, Spring in Web Application Bean descriptor, Spring and Struts, Spring data access, Spring using Hibernate.

Class 4


Introduction to O-R Mapping, Hibernate Basics, Hibernate Architecture, Hibernate Configurations, POJO (Plain Old Java Classes) classes, and O/R Mapping, Object Identifier, One-to-One Association, One-to-Many Association, Many-to-One Association, Many-to-Many Association, Collection Mapping, Component Mapping, Inheritance Mapping, Hibernate Query Language, Criteria Queries, Hibernate in Web Application.

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