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Informatica cloud Data integration

Informatica cloud overview:
  • Informatica cloud

  • Object synchronization

  • Process synchronization

  • Data replication and archiving

  • Informatica cloud applications

  • Informatica cloud -key terms

Informatica cloud secure agent and architecture:

  • Informatica cloud architecture

  • Informatica cloud secure agent

  • Informatica secure agent architecture

  • Agent log file

  • Running agent as local or network user

Creating connections:

  • Connection properties

  • Connection types

  • Configuring a connection

  • Creating a connection

  • Creating a flat file connection

Data synchronization

  • Data synchronization application

  • Data synchronization operations

  • Field information

Data replication

  • Data replication app overview

  • Data replication features and benefits

  • Data replication source and target options

  • Other data replication task options

  • Resetting the target table

Cloud mapping designer Part 1

  • Cloud mapping designer use cases

  • Mapping life cycle

  • Transformations in cloud mapping designer

  • Mapping validation

  • Creating a simple mapping using a source, filter, and multiple targets

Cloud mapping designer Part 2

  • Joiner, expression, and lookup transformations

  • Field rules: renaming fields, selection criteria

  • Creating a mapping using the lookup and expression transformations

Cloud mapping designer

  • Aggregator transformation overview

  • Aggregator transformation-source and target

  • Normalizer transformation

  • Normalized fields

  • Lookup transformation

  • Unconnected lookup

Qualifying and transforming source data

  • Data filter

  • Simple and advanced data filter

  • System variables in a data filter

  • Incremental processing

  • Field expression

Mapping task and mapping parameters

  • Mapping task

  • Parametrization use cases

  • Adding parameters to a mapping

  • Parameter types

  • Parameter panel and best practices

  • Mapping updates and deployment

  • Creating ,testing ,and running a mapping task

Advanced task options

  • Pre and post processing commands

  • Operating system commands

  • Parameter file

  • Setting up a parameter file

Automatic and monitoring tasks

  • Schedules

  • Schedule repeat frequency

  • Repeat frequency options

  • Schedule blackout period

  • Task flow

  • Email notifications

Linear Taskflow

Advanced properties settings


Discovery IQ



  • Linear Task flow overview

  • Tasks included in a linear task flow

  • Properties of a linear task flow

  • Scheduling a task flow

  • SQL overrides in lookups

  • Lookup SQL override attributes

  • Pre and post SQL commands

  • Pre/post SQL commands in a DSS task

  • Pk chunking property to run a DSS task

  • Lookup SQL override command


  • What is a task flow?

  • Task flow steps

  • Task flow templates

  • Parameters in task flows


  • Discovery IQ overview

  • Discovery IQ features

  • User roles

  • User groups

  • Object level permissions

  • Organisation hierarchy

  • Migrating assets

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