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Chess Training 

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

 Class 5

 Class 6

A) Chess is a war B) Setting up the Pieces C) How do they move? D) Value of a piece E) Attacking and Defending a piece

A) Understanding Notation with the assistance of Cordinates B) Columns and Rows C) Special moves

A) How to draw a game B) Checkmate and Stalemate C) Puzzles and Checkmates in 1 and 2 moves


A) Basic Tactics: Advantageous exchange B) Two Fold attack Attackers vs. Defeders Ratio C) Winning Material


A) Drawing a game, methods to make a draw B) Comprehensive Mate in 1 and Mate in 2s

A) Defending by protecting, moving away, and getting out of check B) Planning to give checks, capture a piece, and capture all of the opponnent's pieces. C) Extensive Planning on Checkmate

 Class 7

A) Passed Pawns and ability to utilize such B)More ways to plan and Checmate using reasoning and proven methods C) Review on all such basics and Introduction to new conscepts

Award Winning Trainer

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