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Mobile App Development Using React Native

Course Duration: Total of 40 hours (Week Days/Weekends)


Course content

Objectives of Training

Outcome of Training

Modules 1 – Mobile application Development

  • Provide minds-on and hands-on training

  • Understand mobile-app development and deployment process

  • Learn concepts of native app development using  java script framework such as React Native and firebase cloud

  • Enhance logical thinking and reasoning

  • Learn User Interface and User Experience as you start building the mobile app

  • Learn database concepts

  • Design and build three mobile apps

  • Trainees should be able to independently develop a mobile app

  • Trainees should be able to apply the concepts of user interface, user experience,gamification  and database design to build apps which should be fun to use

  • Participate in hackathons to solve problems

  • Introduction to mobile application

  • Types of mobile application

  • Introduction to User Interface design

  • Wire frame and prototype development

  • Introduction to User Experience

  • Importance of logo and brand building

  • Responsive web design

  • Sample programs and assignment

Module 2 –React Native

Module 3 – Building Backend API’s

Module 4 –Database Programming

Module 5 – Mobile App Deployment

Module 6 – Build your own app

  • Introduction to React Native

  • Build a Hello World App

  • React Native – State,Props,Style

  • User Interface elements – Buttons,Text Inputs,List,Status Bar

  • Layouts

  • Touchables

  • Build sample apps using the concepts learnt

  • Introduction to backend programming

  • Develop API’s using Firebase

  • Geo-location and storage

  • Develop a sample API’s for an app

  • Introduction to database programming

  • SQL and No-SQL

  • Firebase Realtime database

  • CRUD operations using Firebase No-SQL database

  • Develop database layer for sample mobile app

  • Introduction to deployment and process of deployment

  • Develop and deploy first Tic-tac-toi app

  • Develop multi player mobile app

  • Develop educational app for your school

  • Conceptualize your own app

  • Design  and develop a prototype

  • Build Front end, back end and database layer

  • Apply gamification

  • Develop, test and build

  • Deploy on Google Playstore

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